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Mosquitoes Control
PestWarriors™ Mosquitoes Control and Fogging Solutions.

Mosquitoes are bloodsucking insects, which not only cause a nuisance to residents, but are capable of transmitting certain diseases to humans and animals. The most common diseases spread by mosquitoes are, malaria, yellow fever, filariasis, dengue, chikungunya, heartworm in dogs is also transmitted by mosquitoes.

These mosquitoes develop through four stages: egg, larvae, pupa and adult, complete development from egg to adult usually takes 10 to 14 days but varies according to the species and temperature. All mosquito eggs are laid by females who have had a previous blood meal. Mosquitoes can breed in any water, which remains stagnant for longer than 5 days. This includes containers, drains, ponds, pools, dams and tide-affected land, gutters.

Treatment and Recommendations


PestWarriors™ have special mixture of sprays which are very effective against adult mosquitoes. Frequent treatments may be needed during problem periods.


PestWarriors™ uses aerosol foggers, with special chemicals which give rapid knockdown of adult mosquitoes. And our treatment has no effect on the plants and vegetation in outdoor areas. However, it is temporary treatments because, during the fogging flying mosquitoes within the treated area are killed. Although the local mosquito population is reduced for a few days, fogging does not prevent mosquitoes from re-entering the area.  The best time to kill adult mosquitoes by fogging is at dusk, when they are most active and looking for food (mosquitoes feed on human or animal blood). The aerosol fog primarily targets flying mosquitoes (adult mosquitoes), which is why the timing of the spray is critical.  PestWarriors™ have different fogging formulations, which we use depending upon conditions at the premises.

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Prevention Tips

  • Keep gutters clean
  • Filling pot plant bases with sand
  • Removing tyres, containers and other items in the yard which could hold water
  • Chlorinating swimming pools
  • Keeping ponds and dams stocked with fish
  • Screening windows and doors
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