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Cockroaches Control

About Cockroaches Biology
Cockroaches can be found in premises where food is stored or handled. They spend most of the day hiding in cracks and crevices.  They are most active at night and if a light is turned on will scamper away to hide. They are often introduced into premises in food and packages from suppliers, and survive from the glue that holds the corrugation in these packages.

While cockroaches have not been proven to carry diseases, they can carry organisms that cause human diseases such as food poisoning, dysentery, and salmonella.  Allergies are a major problem caused by cockroaches. The allergic response is called an allergen that is ingested with contaminated food or inhaled when dried faecal particles and fragments of ground up bodies of dead cockroaches are mixed together with dust. These allergens can cause severe bronchial problems in sensitive individuals and children.

The female cockroach produces up to eight purse-like egg cases each month. These contain up to 30 eggs and nymphs (young) hatch in 2-4 weeks (6-12 weeks for oriental cockroaches). They nymph looks the same as an adult, only smaller. In short, cockroaches multiply very quickly unless treated. So please call PestWarriors™ for free obligation free quote on 18001037663 (Toll free) or contact by mail

PestWarriors™ Cockroaches Treatment

PestWarriors™ has latest technology and expertise to treat you cockroach problem. Our treatment is odorless, there is no need to evacuate, there is a specified area of treatment, and also there is no need for you to rearrange the kitchen. We are so confident of our excellent expertise in cockroach treatment that, we assure you of guaranteed results, or we will fix your problem free of charge. We have very nominal charges of cockroach control treatment. Please call us on 0000000 or contact us by mail.

Prevention Tips for Cockroach control

PestWarriors have the excellent technology to get rid of cockroaches, but new breed of cockroaches do not come again, it depends upon how clean you keep your premises. Keeping your home free of food particles will send cockroaches out in search of a dirtier place - and prevent you from all other pests as well. Please kindly take the following steps-

  • Sanitation is a key measure and cannot be overlooked
  • Open food should be kept in a refrigerator
  • Sweep and mop floors as often as possible to remove a possible food source
  • Cover rubbish bins with a tight fitting lid
  • Never leave food items in desks, lockers or anywhere exposed to them especially overnight
  • Store all food items in air tight containers
  • Reduce overall clutter to eliminate shelter options.
  • Dirty crockery, cutlery and cooking utensils should be washed and stored away as soon as possible after use
  • All goods, especially the cartons and packages should be closely checked for live cockroaches
  • Seal doors and windows.  Fit mesh on drains and check that there are no gaps around service pipe entry points
  • Cracked or loose tiles, laminates, and wall coverings should be re-adhered or replaced.

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