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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Question. Can Termites from my neighbour travel to my home and attack my property?

Answer. Termites wander randomly from one place to another in search of their food, and if termites have been seen in your neighborhood, or someone is getting termite treatment in your neighborhood, this does not mean you are the next one to be attacked by termites. But it is a good idea to get the inspection done if you observe any active termite presence your neighborhood.

Question- How often should I get termite treatment done for my home?

Answer- Termite infestation depends upon many factors, like- type of soil, construction type, how old is the house, presence of moisture, and type and quality of chemical used, all these factors Effect the resistance power of your home to termite attack. It is a good idea to get your home inspected every year by pest control professional and get his advice.

Question- What homework should we do just before getting the termite treatment or pest control treatment done?

Answer- Please kindly remove all the furniture near the walls and room edges, as we need access to all the skirting’s and doors to spray the chemical. Also please remove all the eatable food and cutlery, and put them inside the cuboids.

Question- Is there any guarantee for our termite treatment done?

Answer- There is no guarantee for termite treatment, because inspite of PestWarriors™ using their highly skilled staff and and creating termite barriers and using world class treatment techniques. Termite may still come, because you might have brought them in with your new furniture in your home. But we at PestWarriors™ still provide free service, if termites are seen again. ‘Customer Satisfaction’ is our main focus.

Question- What if I as customer touch the areas, where spray was applied?

Answer- Once the sprayed area becomes dry, and all the moisture is absorbed and evaporated, there is no problem and it is safe. But if someone touches the area when it is wet, please clean your hands properly with soap.

Question- How much does it cost to get the pest control treatment and termite treatment done from PestWarriors™?

Answers- We at PestWarriors™ have uncompromising attitude when it comes to quality of our product and service. And quality comes at a price, that is why we are not the cheapest service provider in town. But we still think ourselves to be ‘best value for money’ providing pest control business and we are very competitive and affordable.
Question- 6 Points Why you should choose PestWarriors™?

  • Peace of Mind, because our PestWarriors™ staff is honest and have Police clearance.
  • 12 years of experience in keeping Delhi NCR and surrounding areas Pest free through our professional staff
  • Best quality service and quality medicines at reasonable price, giving you ‘best value for money’ in pest control market.
  • Latest machines and technology is used at ‘PestWarriors’ to provide professional service.
  • Chemicals used at PestWarriors™ are WHO approved and PestWarriors™ are Govt. approved to carry on Pest control and termite control business.
  • PestWarriors™ are environment friendly, and so use eco-friendly chemicals and we also have herbal and odorless treatments.

(PestWarriors™ Price Guarantee- We will beat any genuine quotation by 5%)




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