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PestWarriors™ Flies Control

About Flies

Flies can be seen in wide range depending upon breeding sites and climatic conditions,
Flies will thrive anywhere, where there is food, moisture and egg laying sites. The size of the population also depends on the climatic conditions, temperature, humidity, wind and odors. Development time of flies is 7 days at 28 °C, and development time is more if temperature rises, and development time is more again if temperature decreases, this is due to stress factor. Flies multiply very quickly.

Flies post considerable health risks to humans as they transmit diseases such as salmonella, dysentery, cholera, hepatitis and typhoid fever.

Flies feed on a wide range of materials and will feed anywhere where that food or rubbish is left out, not cleaned up or not disposed of in the correct manner.  Flies do not eat solids.  They vomit saliva onto solids to moisten, then suck up what they can. Flies also excrete prior to a meal or just after. This is how they spread germs and disease that we cannot see.

Flies Treatment at PestWarriors™
PestWarriors™ have highly skilled and competent staff, which knows how to control flies. We have latest technology including disposable fly traps, and scented fly ribbons, which work well when used with PestWarriors™ spray treatment. PestWarriors also install Fly kill machines, which are effective in killing flies. Please call 18001037663 (Toll free) for your flies problems or contact us by mail.

Prevention Tips
PestWarriors have all the latest technology to control flies, but a lot depends on our clients that new flies do not come back to your premises or your home again and start multiplying. Please take the following steps and you will notice difference yourself.

  • Ensure all food is kept covered at all times
  • Keep benches and floors clean
  • Ensure rubbish is disposed of in sealed bags
  • Ensure bins are cleaned and rubbish is removed daily
  • Fit screens to doors and windows and keep them closed
  • Fit door strips where possible

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